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Thousands have learned the simple process for improving all aspects of life by literally changing their brains. Neuroscience has proven that EVERYTHING impacting your happiness, success and health ties directly back to your BRAIN.

I can put things in perspective and problems don’t feel like the end of the world.”

Boothe, Contis
Contis Booth
Edgewood, MD

Every day, people from around the globe are experiencing success in all areas of their lives, including stress reduction, better sleep, increased productivity, greater professional success, enhanced memory, and far more HAPPINESS.

Here’s what you may NOT know:

All communication in the brain is timing-dependent. Communication between different parts of the brain is dependent on both physical and functional connections between neurons.

It can be explained like this: a telephone line creates the physical connection between two phones, but both phones need to be off the hook at the same time in order to establish a functional connection and have a conversation.


and that’s where BrainTime® comes in; it is a communication tune-up for your brain that only takes 10 minutes daily. Because it works on such a fundamental level it offers faster, more wide-ranging physical, mental and emotional results than any other program… backed by 20 years of development and proven results!

We all use BrainTime. Mornings are smoother and I’m more organized.”

David Tayor-Klause
Atlanta, GA

BrainTime gives clarity and supports my spiritual practice.”

Rita Hovakimian
San Francisco, CA

Build A Better Brain and Live Life Fully!


The journey of BrainTime started with Dr. Jim Otis, a board certified functional neurologist, when his first wife had a head injury and she literally couldn’t talk. She eventually recovered, but it was slower than they had hoped. Her experience inspired Dr. Otis to learn about the brain.

Dr. Otis studied with the best teachers in the world, and achieved board certification and fellowship status in the field of functional neurology. He first developed BrainTime to help with brain-related conditions. But, his patients soon discovered that BrainTime helped in a more general way to improve sleep, build resilience to stress, and spur greater happiness and productivity.

Dr. Otis then developed several programs that were tested with patients and non-patients. The programs were proven to work well for everybody (even kids), not just specialized medical cases. Over a 20-year period, BrainTime was perfected and shown to offer a multitude of stellar results for people of all ages.

BrainTime is changing lives by helping people to
Build A Better Brain!

My daughter is calmer and she’s getting good reports from school!”

Matt Green
Oakland, CA

BrainTime helps me manage the stress of menopause. My sleep improved the first day!”

Spahn, Birgit
Birgit Spahn
New Zealand

It’s wonderful. I’m falling asleep in less than five minutes – faster than my husband!”

Sandra Hargis
San Ramon, CA

My son is more cooperative and confident. He’s making new friends and his grades have improved.”

Lorraine Sarullo
San Francisco, CA



helps your brain engage beta waves to facilitate sharp, clear attention. Listen to Focus during the day to be clear and alert.


helps your brain engage theta and alpha waves for memory and insight. Listen to Relax any time of the day or night to be calm and productive.


engages the slow brain waves that help your brain transition into sleep to initiate cleaning and repair, and to consolidate your memory and learning. Listen to Sleep before bed or when waking in the middle of the night and set the stage for restful, restorative sleep.


helps you regulate your emotions and deal with challenges. As you resist the automatic reaction to turn toward a sound you build calming connections from your thinking brain to the fight-or-flight part in the base of your brain. Do the Resilience exercise any time of the day or night to reduce stress and handle challenges gracefully.


builds conscious choice and awareness and your ability to change automatic (often negative) patterns of thinking and feeling. You consider a series of guided questions to build health-promoting pathways in the frontal lobes of your brain (different questions for the two sides of your brain). Do the Mindset exercise any time of the day or night to increase your happiness, health and productivity.


creates relaxing ‘rest and digest’ activity in the base of your brain. (This is especially helpful if you’ve had a hard time settling down for truly peaceful meditation or you simply need to de-stress.) You are guided with long smooth breaths, specifically timed, longer on exhale and shorter on inhale. Practice the Breath exercise any time of the day or night for rest and rejuvenation.


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When your brain is functioning well, you…

  • Enjoy a baseline of HAPPINESS that fosters success
  • Think clearly and work or study efficiently
  • Feel great joy as your body turns off its unconscious stress response
  • Find peace and clarity when you sit to meditate or pray
  • Stay present with family and friends – even in tough situations
  • Sleep deeply and wake up rested
  • Possess radiant health, faster healing and greater energy
  • Maintain better resilience
  • Build your mindset and brain for positivity

Using BrainTime is simple. You listen through headphones for 5 minutes twice a day to scientifically timed sounds that guide your brain to healthier function. It’s high leverage and it’s easy.

Benefits begin with the first session and grow over time. For best results, listen for five minutes two or more times a day. Each five-minute session creates measurable improvements in your brain that are stabilized with on-going use.

You might be wondering…

How is BrainTime different from game-based brain training programs?

Millions of people use programs based on games to improve their memory, attention, and processing speed. Various studies question the impact of these games on measurable improvements in daily life. While game training can yield results, they are only for the particular skill being trained. The benefits from one game and skill don’t generalize to other skills or improve the functioning of your WHOLE brain, the way BrainTime does.

Here’s the problem: games that train cognitive skills don’t go deep enough. Your brain controls every aspect of your life – physical, mental and emotional… not just your thinking. BrainTime supports the fundamental timing and connection mechanisms that help every part of your brain work better, not just a small section of your frontal cortex.


BrainTime offers 20 years of clinically tested and proven results with real people.


How is BrainTime different from listening programs using sound to aid meditation or relaxation?

Many listening programs for meditation or relaxation use binaural or isochronic tones hidden behind relaxing nature sounds. These programs are promoted as creating deep meditative states. The problem is, binaural or isochronic tones are steady beats that impose an unchanging rhythm which is not natural for your brain.

The rhythms in your brain are constantly shifting as different parts of your brain talk with each other. Your brain needs to shift every microsecond, and if it doesn’t shift, it doesn’t work well. BrainTime builds the flexibility your brain needs to work efficiently. The intermittent nature of BrainTime invites your brain to follow a lively, changing rhythm, rather than imposing an unnatural, steady beat. BrainTime is natural to the brain and pleasing to listen to. It creates fast, effective results, and we’ve demonstrated this over many years in a clinical setting.

While other programs suggest listening for 60 minutes, BrainTime delivers great results in just 5 minutes, twice a day!


Available during the month of January

ACCELERATION Monthly Subscription $29 $24

Save $5/month. That’s a savings of $60 a year!

First, let’s review what you get with this program:

ACCELERATION Subscription – includes all 6 of our programs

  • Focus
  • Relax
  • Sleep
  • Breath
  • Resilience
  • Mindset

I recommend BrainTime as stress management for my patients. They tell me it’s easy to use and they feel calmer immediately.”

Dr. Suzie Vlcek Lee
Alameda, CA

No Commitments. Cancel Any Time.


Purchase our premier ACCELERATION Annual subscription for you and your family ($288), and receive our Sleep Well, Heal Well comprehensive 5-module e-course for FREE! (A $147 value)

Thanks to new discoveries in neuroscience, you can easily create the conditions in your brain for great sleep! You can do this “drug free” from the comfort of your home with the Sleep Well, Heal Well™ program and proven BrainTime® technology.

I recommend BrainTime as a simple and inexpensive solution for problems with sleep.”

Dr. Ellie Campbell
Atlanta, GA

Here’s what you get with this program:

ACCELERATION Subscription – includes all 6 of our programs

  • Focus
  • Relax
  • Sleep
  • Breath
  • Resilience
  • Mindset

Bonus Program


$147 Free

When you purchase by Midnight, January 31

Poor sleep is annoying, but it’s also more serious than that. Just one night of poor sleep lowers your IQ and impairs your memory the next day. And chronic insomnia increases your risk for almost every disease including Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

Insomnia is serious, it’s common, and it can be challenging to deal with because good sleep habits are often not enough, and sleep medications don’t give your brain what it really needs for good healthy sleep.

But now, with BrainTime and new discoveries in neuroscience, you can easily create the conditions in your brain for great sleep! You can do this “drug free” from the comfort of your home with the Sleep Well, Heal Well™ program and proven BrainTime® technology.

Program Details

This entire program is delivered immediately through downloadable MP3 audio recordings, along with written summaries, exercises and instructions.


Module 1: Prepare Your Brain for Great Sleep

  • Set the stage for fast results by improving your brain’s ability to grow and change, thus creating the conditions for great sleep. This step is vital because your brain determines the quality of your sleep.

Module 2: Regulate Your Biological Rhythms

  • Choose the timing and type of meals and exercise to maximize your sleep
  • Set up your room for optimal sleep and what to do if you wake in the middle of the night
  • Arrange your daily schedule to balance sleep hormones

Module 3: Calm an Overactive Stress Response

  • Build resilience to handle challenges gracefully by turning down the “fight or flight” response in the base of your brain
  • Strengthen the “rest and digest” part of your brain that helps you sleep and heal

Module 4: Comfort Your Right Brain

  • Fall asleep satisfied with your day by using simple awareness techniques to soothe the right side of the brain
  • Reduce anxiety (so you fall asleep more quickly) as you turn down the evolutionary, sub-conscious tendency to focus on danger
  • Build the pathways in your brain that help you feel safe

Module 5: Empower Your Left Brain

  • Fall asleep confident about tomorrow as you build the neurological substrate for self-assurance and effective action in the world
  • Say goodbye to discouragement and depression that can prevent you from sleeping, with awareness exercises to strengthen the left side of your brain

No Commitments. Cancel Any Time.

Build A Better Brain Today!Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

We offer a 21-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason let us know in the first 21 days and we’ll refund your payment in full.

Ongoing membership is easy. Change your level of membership or discontinue at any time.

The Science behind Acceleration Trainings

Acceleration combines the brain-building power of BrainTime with cognitive and awareness exercises (Experience Dependent Plasticity) which build key areas of neurological strength that are essential for wellbeing. The trainings enhance Functional Connectivity in your brain (the ability to regulate communication from one area to another on an as-needed basis) and Synaptic Timing Dependent Plasticity (your brain’s ability to build new connections so you can learn and remember). Brain cells must synchronize their timing (millisecond-precise timing) to build a new connection and BrainTime helps them do that.

Purchase a MONTHLY Acceleration Subscription (normally $29/month) by January 31 and receive a $5 monthly discount (only $24/month) for the life of your membership. That’s a $60 annual savings!

No Commitments. Cancel Any Time.

Get the Bonus Program when you purchase an ANNUAL Acceleration Subscription ($288) by January 31. Receive the Sleep Well, Heal Well 5-module program for great sleep, strong energy and fast healing ($147 Value) for FREE.

Membership is easy. There is no obligation, you can stop at any time, and we offer a 21-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason let us know in the first 21 days and we’ll refund your payment in full.

I started BrainTime and it calmed me down immediately. I’m in a better mood, and I get more done both at work and at home.”

Terri Nestore
Walnut Creek, CA

After a month with BrainTime I can speak whole sentences and say complete thoughts. I even gave two public talks and they came off well.”

Leone Lawrence
Tampa, FL